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Business/Marketing, Life Balance

“I’ve been blessed to work with Kenya Moses as both a wellness coach and a business coach…"
She is the perfect combination of love, inspiration, encouragement, and discipline. Her passion for working with single moms is palpable. She assists you in creating a comprehensive plan of action that is more you than her and helps you to implement that plan with TONS of support. She is realistic and incredibly honest. When given the opportunity to work with her GRAB IT!!”

— Sheila Russell, www.sacredwaysofhealing.com


“Kenya is SO down to earth and relatable. She has coached me on marketing my business to achieve the attention I want and seek. Her approach is comprehensive and actionable. I absolutely LOVE all that she is doing to empower women!”

“Kenya is business leader, writer, and creative dynamo. Plus, she great to help sort out your marketing needs. She will encourage you to brand yourself in the most authentic way possible and has a host of resources and people to refer you to in supporting your business needs. She is also such a kind and lovely person to spend time with. I definitely recommend working with her! “

— Akeisha Johnson, An Inspired Story, 



“Kenya is inspiring. Kenya is full of love. And her goal is to help you find the best ways to share your gifts & shine your light in this world, because she knows how vital that is.

She is a light, a beacon. She is a strong woman who knows what it is to struggle, and what it means to trust & to hold on to your faith in the darkness. She is always giving of herself, even when she has had little. She is profoundly intuitive about others and their gifts.” 

— Sujatha V., SF Bay Area


“Kenya Moses is a Goddess, and a modest one, at that.
Her encouragement and wisdom has helped me considerably in a short amount of time. My income increased by almost $1000 in the first month post-sage advice. What’s more is I felt like I hardly lifted a finger to do so…it still amazes me!

Kenya’s not just a coach…she has become a wonderful friend and mentor. I look forward to our sessions, complete with her guided meditations. She’s always prepared, grounded, gracious, delightful, and incredibly fun to dream with because she helps to make my vision a reality.”

— Katy Edwards, LMT.,



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