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It’s time you got a ‘Time-Out’

Can you remember the last time you sat quietly with the sunlight shining upon your face while sipping a cup of tea? Or the last time you watched the sun set and listened to birds chirp as the day turned into night? Perhaps these are not your ideals of taking a moment for yourself but with that in mind, when was the last time you truly took a moment for yourself? Alone. No distractions. To just be?

Being a mama is no joke, and being a single mama deserves more praise than I can ever express. We work hard, work hard, and work hard. But where is our play? Joy? Nourishment?

I remember the first day my ex-husband and I started our new custody arrangement with my little ones. My boys were 1½ years old and 4½ months. It was the first time I would be away from my children for longer than one night; and besides the discomfort of not being with them, I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself.

Friends (mostly single, sans children) would tell me I was so lucky to have my...

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