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Why getting shit done sometimes requires a lot of crying

Recently I made a Facebook post that said, "On the days when all you feel you can do is cry. Just cry"; and within minutes of posting this short food for thought, I received more sympathy and well wishes than the majority of all my posts combined. ..because apparently, when you cry, there is something drastically wrong and needs to be fixed.

Although I genuinely appreciate the love from my Facebook Fam; it occured to me that perhaps this misconception about the act of crying, keeps others from voicing their feelings and honoring those moments when all seem lost and against them. These feelings were luckily for me, passing - but that isn't always the case for others. There are many reasons for feeling down, some serious and need expert support; while others, like me, just need to vocalize what is happening inside.

After my late morning sentiment I proceeded to knock off everything on my to-do list. And believe me it was no meager list. It was as if a weight was lifted from my...

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